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Questions & Answers

The following questions make up the majority of our support requests.

Modern Browsers

We recommend that you use a modern web browser to complete our course. While we do our best to ensure compatibility with older software, our website may display or function improperly if you are using outdated software (such as IE6 or AOL). We support all modern browsers including some not listed below such as Safari and Opera. We use the three browsers below in our office, and we recommend that you also use them if you require technical support.

Firefox Browser Google Chrome Microsoft Edge

I am having trouble clicking on the check-boxes or other page elements.

First, check to make sure you are using a modern browser. Any newer version of Mozilla Firefox (which we recommend), Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, or Microsoft Edge, should all work.

Our website does NOT work properly with AOL and it is not recommended that you use Internet Explorer 6 (because it is around 10 years old and does not support many of the advanced features now standard on the Internet.)

We recommend clients upgrade to Firefox, which is free, and available at However, the newer versions of Internet Explorer or any other browser should also work.

Will your program save my information if I log out of the session?

You can log in and out of the counseling session as many times as you want. However, the session is not complete until you have verified your SSN. This serves as your digital signature.

I cannot open my certificate on my computer, how do I open it?

Your certificate is a PDF (Portable Document Format) file, which means you need a PDF viewer to view it. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free. Just click the yellow "Download Now" button there.

I would like to pay by Cash, Check, or Money Order instead of using a Credit Card. Where do I send payment to?

You can send payment to:

CC Advising, Inc.
721 Washington Ave.
Suite 305
Bay City, MI 48708-5724

(make the Check or Money Order out to "CC Advising, Inc.")

Your account will be activated once payment is received and you will receive a follow up email letting you know you can access the course.

We highly recommend that you send your payment Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation (no signature required) so that you know exactly when our office will receive it.